Today's offices are designed to respond easily to change. With that in mind, furniture companies are rolling out versatile offerings that suit different needs. Here are five particularly adaptable options.

ICF Sense Mobile Glass Board
An elegant alternative to standard whiteboards, this glass board has a wood veneer base. You can connect boards to create a larger writing space. Another plus: The glass is easier to clean than the usual plastic surface. Available in natural or black stains.
Cost: $2,423

Loftwall Wave Divider Screen
Loftwall's recycled aluminum screen features curved surfaces that diffuse sound and light. It measures 78 inches tall, comes in three lengths, and can be connected to other dividers. Available in white, black, orange, yellow, and red.
Cost: Starting at $1,090 for a 4-foot-long screen

Knoll Toboggan Chair
Designed to encourage spontaneous gatherings, the Toboggan Chair has a backrest that doubles as a small desk. The chair, created for Knoll by Antenna Design, has a molded plywood seat and back, and a steel frame. It comes in a variety of colors.
Cost: Starting at $375

Darran Rift Table
This sit/stand desk can also serve as a conference table. The desk, which has a wood veneer top and steel base, can be raised or lowered with the flip of a switch and includes a system for hiding cables. Available in several shapes and sizes.
Cost: Starting at $3,690

Luxo 360 LED Task Light
The compact Luxo 360 takes up minimal space but can light a large area when fully extended. The lamp, which is 19.3 inches tall, swivels 360 degrees at the base and head. It can be dimmed and set to shut off after four or nine hours. Available in black, gray, and white.
Cost: $290