Chances are good that your bio on the company website includes little more than a headshot, title, and career history. A new breed of service lets you create personal webpages that encompass your entire online life. Then you can include the link in your e-mail signature. Here are three options to suit different needs.

The look: Collage 

This service lets you create a Pinterest-style front page for your social-media posts. Link RSS feeds and social-media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter (sorry, no LinkedIn). After a few minutes, a page pops up displaying your posts, which are updated in real time, along with your bio and photo from Twitter. Cost: Free for a basic account, then starting at $3 a month for premium features
The look: Photo driven 

A simpler option, lets you design a one-page site with a photo, bio, and buttons that link to your accounts on Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, and other social networks. You can upload a photo or choose from 21 stock images of scenic locales. You can also customize colors and fonts. Then, you can see how many people visit, where they come from, and what they click on. Cost: Free

The look: Infographic 

Vizify aggregates information from your social-media accounts, including posts, photos, and your career history. Then, it creates a homepage filled with bubbles that present the information in infographic form (click on a bubble for more information). You can change the color scheme, add your own background photo, or choose from a gallery of images. You can also track site traffic. Cost: Free