In January 2012, former private equity executive Ruzwana Bashir co-founded Peek, a website dedicated to helping travelers find and book high-quality activities (think helicopter tours of Hawaii). The San Francisco start-up, which counts Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey as an investor, is focused on California and Hawaii. This year, Bashir plans to expand to Miami and New York. Here are three of her go-to travel items. --As told to Judith Ohikuare

Josie Maran Argan Oil
Travel can wreak havoc on your skin. I use this lightweight moisturizing oil, which is rich in vitamin E, to combat the inevitable dryness that accompanies long flights. I usually use it on my face, but it also works on hands and cuticles. I like the fact that it's organic and makes my skin glow. Another bonus: I buy the 1.7-ounce glass bottle, which is small enough to stow in my carry-on, so I never have to leave it behind. Cost: $48

White Lion Tea
Before redeye flights, I drink copious amounts of herbal brews to help me relax and fall asleep after takeoff. One of my new favorites is White Lion's White Ambrosia tea, which has hints of fruit and coconut. I discovered it during a recent spa retreat in San Francisco. Now, I buy it online and keep a supply at home, in the office, and in my carry-on bag. Cost: $16.80 for 25 sachets

Lanvin Cap-toe Sneakers
When I worked in private equity, I always wore dresses and heels on airplanes. These days, I'd rather be warm and comfortable. So I head to the airport in silk Margiela pants, a Comme des Garçons cardigan, and leather Lanvin sneakers. The sneakers make it much easier to run to the gate when I'm late for a flight. They also have grosgrain ribbon laces and a patent-leather cap toe, which add a bit of glamour. I still look put together, but I'm comfortable enough to fall asleep on redeye flights. Cost: $625

Tip: Pack a Book
Airlines are still skittish about the use of electronics, so real books are making a comeback for me. One of my recent favorites was Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman. It's especially nice to have something to do during gadget-free takeoffs and landings.