Katie Holmes has been busy lately, starring in a Broadway play and designing for her fashion line, Holmes & Yang. Her next big project? Shampoo. In January, Holmes became part owner of and spokeswoman for Alterna, a New York City-based company that makes organic hair-care products.

Until a few years ago, Alterna sold only high-end salon products (think "anti-aging" shampoo infused with caviar) for as much as $40 a bottle. Lately, CEO Joan Malloy has been chasing a larger market, launching new products at lower prices and selling them at Sephora and QVC.com.

Because no makeover is complete without a pretty face--and great hair--Malloy courted Holmes. "Because of my work with Holmes & Yang, I have an appreciation for what it takes to run a business," says Holmes, who says her acting career prepared her for her new role as pitchwoman. "When you're working on any project, whether it's a movie, a play, or television, you're trying to tell a story that's accessible to the audience."