As George Eastman, the founder of Kodak and godfather of the nonsensical naming trend said, "A trademark should be short, vigorous, incapable of being misspelled. It must mean nothing. If the name has no dictionary definition, it must be associated only with your product."

As Jason Calacanis, CEO of and angel investor said, "If you go into a VC meeting with a crappy name, they will look at it the same way they look at you unshaven with a stain on your shirt. If you can't name your company well, you're simply not worth investing in."

So just for fun, take this quiz and see if you can tell if the word is a start-up or a piece of Ikea furniture:

1. Falster

a. A line of weather-resistant outdoor furniture

b. A bedside table

2. Clypd

a. An online exchange for digital advertising

b. A bedside table

3. Fruux

a. A cloud based platform for organizing contacts and calendar items

b. A shelving unit with sliding glass doors

Fun Fact: 19 of the top 25 U.S. websites have a name with two syllables or fewer.

Answer to all: (a.)