The products that follow have been crafted by people who define entrepreneurship as the freedom to make best-in-class products-beautiful, original, and a perfect match of design and function.

Ship, Ahoy!

"Before I started Miansai, I had a hard time finding cool accessories for a normal kind of guy. That's what got me into it." - Michael Saiger

The $355 M2 Chronograph features a hand-milled 39-millimeter stainless-steel case, Swiss sapphire crystal, and Japanese quartz movements. In keeping with Miansai's nautical aesthetic, the watch's second hand is shaped like a fishhook, and the band is made by hand in Miansai's Miami factory using nylon cord and Italian leather. It's also waterproof up to 330 feet. Michael Saiger founded Miansai in 2008 after a men's leather bracelet he made in his University of Miami dorm room caught on with fellow students. Today, his 45-employee company sells handcrafted accessories in 36 countries. - Judith Ohikuare



"Small brewers have captivated the excitement of beer lovers. Our passion is infectious." - Sam Calagione

Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, and Ken Grossman, founder of Sierra Nevada, recently teamed up with Spiegelau, a German glassware company, to create the perfect vessel for India Pale Ale. Unlike straight-side pint glasses, the 19-ounce raw quartz glass is tapered, which helps direct aromatics directly into the nose, enhancing the olfactory experience and the beer's overall taste. A triple-ridged base created CO2 bubbles that break out more aromatics. The $9 glass is available on the Spiegelau website. - J.O.

Wave Maven

"Shaping connects me more with my surfing, and like a wave, it's always evolving." - Ashley Lloyd Thompson

Not only is Ashley Lloyd Thompson one of the few female surfboard shapers, but she also uses a highly unusual method to ensure that customers get the perfect board. She quizzes customers about several factors, including their surfing style and their taste in music. Then, when she starts shaping, she imagines what they will look like riding the waves. The founder of Ashley Lloyd Surfboards makes 40 to 80 custom surfboard maker Bing. The all-around polyurethane foam and fiberglass board, which has curved sides and a concave nose, was painted by artist Serena Mitnik-Miller. It is available on the Bing website and in boutique surf shops. - Adam Baer 

Photographs by Nigel Cox.