Grand St., a new e-commerce website, showcases well-crafted electronics made by independent companies.

The site, now in beta testing, with plans to open to the public this summer, highlights three new products a week and sells each one for 10 days.

Here are three worth noting.

Karma 4G Hotspot

Karma's pay-as-you-go hot spot operates on Clearwire's 4G network. Sharing is good karma: You earn 100MB of data usage every time you let someone new connect to it. Cost: $79



Lapka Smart Sensors

Is that apple organic? Find out with this set of sensors, which also detect humidity, temperature, electromagnetic fields, and radiation. Results appear on an iPhone app. Cost: $220



Vers 7E Earphones

These earbuds feature handcrafted chambers made from bass-enhancing walnut and bamboo. Vers replaces the wood by planting trees. Cost: $80