To start your brain and ensure long-lasting energy, try:

- Egg-white omelet breakfast burrito on whole-grain tortilla

- Steel-cut oatmeal with fruit

- Smoked salmon on whole grain bread

- High-fiber muesli with nuts, fruit, and yogurt


Fill up without bogging down:

- Eat a salad with meat or fish

- A wrap with vegetables

- Sushi

- Veggies and grains are packed with antioxidants to fight fatigue


Sustain energy and focus:

- Eat nuts and berries boost omega-3s and antioxidants

- For something sweet, stick with citrus fruits. They contain pectin fiber, which helps you use the plant sugars slowly--compared with the sugar rush you get from candy.


Lay the foundation for a good night's sleep:

- Have a healthful snack before bed--low glucose levels interfere with sleep. So does alcohol. A better bet: chamomile tea, which helps induce sleep as the body cools after drinking.

[Source: SHL Global Leadership Study]