Which project in each of these pairings is real and fully funded?

1. Type-A-Necessities

a. Plug-n-Plant: Electricity keeps it alive so you don't have to

b. PhoneSoap: Charges and sanitizes your phone

2. A little piece of Star Trek

a. SkyCube: Launch your own tiny, tweeting satellite into space

b. Force Field: A frequency-emitting device that prevents hacks on your Wi-Fi network

3. High-tech health

a. Remee: The sleep mask that lets you control your dreams

b. Somnus Band: A sleep-inducing, vibrating headband

4. Foot fetish

a. SunShoe: Solar-powered massaging shoes

b. Stinky Footboard: Play video games with your feet

5. Nerd alert

a. Project Hexapod: A giant ridable walking robot

b. Puzzlebox Orbit: A brain-controlled helicopter

 Answers: 1(b); 2(a); 3(a); 4(b); 5(a & b)