Google Glass may be getting all the wearable-device buzz these days, but these three companies are creating their own high-tech specs that could (almost) pass as regular sunglasses.

1. Vergence Labs

Los Angeles-based Vergence Labs tries to straddle the line between Wayfarer style and Internet technology. A subtle button on the side acts as an On/Off switch for the device’s HD camera, which can record or stream video straight to Facebook. More features may come: The company plans to open its technology to outside developers. Prices range from $299 for 8GB of storage to $499 for 32GB.

2. Recon Instruments

Designed for long-distance runners, triathletes, and cyclists, these glasses display real-time metrics on heart rate, power, distance, and cadence. Vancouver, British Columbia-based Recon Instruments is outfitting the glasses with an HD camera, full-color display, microphone, and speaker. They will also display texts and caller ID from your cell phone. Priced at $599, the glasses will begin shipping in February 2014.

3. Optinvent

These glasses from French company Optinvent display information via a Wi-Fi connection or a Bluetooth-connected mobile device. The glasses are equipped with GPS, a full-color display, a front-facing camera, motion sensors, a microphone, and speakers. Though not yet for sale, the glasses will hit the market in November.