Founded in 1970, Diamond Pet Foods is one of the fastest-growing pet food companies in the United States. Known throughout the world for producing super-premium, high-quality pet food at a reasonable price, Diamond manufactures a complete and balanced range of proprietary and private label pet foods. Today, Diamond Pet Foods is used by trainers, veterinarians and nutrition conscious pet owners in all 50 states and in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Worth noting:

• The company covers 100 percent of health insurance premiums for employees and their families.

• Through their extensive health and wellness program, employees have the ability to create wills, powers of attorney and medical directives at no cost.

• The company retirement plan has a 98 percent participation rate and includes a generous employer match in addition to a discretionary profit sharing contribution.

• “We feel and know that when you respect employees, they will give you 200%. Decision making is passed to the lowest level possible. We reward success and train on mistakes.” -Andrew Brondel, Director of Administration.