Box employs a brand design team of 11 and a user interface/user experience design team of seven. This reflects CEO Aaron Levie’s obsession with design (he did the first few Box logos himself) and also his belief in its power in business. “I think we’re uniquely positioned as a company that can take a lot of the design focus that you’d see in a consumer company and bring it to enterprise,” he says. And that’s the big disruption.

Perhaps the most obvious mark of a consumer-facing design approach is the company’s choice in typefaces. Box uses a handful of fonts--Helvetica, Proxima Nova, and Gotham Rounded--that, according to the design team, were chosen for their “legibility and open geometric style that work well in text, on mobile devices, and on the Web.”

To reinforce and differentiate the Box brand, the team uses varying combinations of what the company calls Box Blue colors, a mix that includes cyan, navy, and royal blue. The net effect of this approach is meant to be comfort. Maneuvering through the platform is intuitive. It’s easy. Levie pushes the idea that good design isn’t just about looking good on the screen--it’s a tool for more-efficient working.