A brand identity is made up of dozens, if not hundreds, of decisions. Here are just a few Partners & Spade tackled in its work with Ivanka Trump on her namesake fashion label, which includes jewelry, shoes, handbags, accessories, fragrance, and women's apparel.

Brand Identity 

Trump's team describes the products as a combination of chic, functional design, and value. Spade and Sperduti think the words functional and value send a down-market message. The decision: Value, function, and comfort will be unspoken product traits. Brand messaging will focus on the concept of quality.


The brand needs visual references, for internal and external use. Sperduti chooses a single photo of Trump, looking professional and polished while holding her daughter. "It sums up in one image where the brand should go," he says.

Hang Tags

Coral-colored retail hang tags could be mistaken for a red department store sales tag. This is deemed a serious problem, and Partners & Spade suggests hang tags that use coral only as an accent.


Clothing colors could bleed into white clothing labels, and black is an elegant alternative. But Trump wants to explore gold--to reflect the Trump real estate empire's branding.


The brand's logo was designed for the original jewelry line, but its formality doesn't match the line's new casual products. The logo's elongated shape also fits well on a jewelry box but not on other packaging in the line. Partners & Spade will present multiple uses for the new logo designs.


Trump wants to avoid traditional advertising. Her team suggests two experiential concepts: a series of salon-style dinners with influencers and a few customers; and an Ivanka Trump Shoe Bar, a traveling footwear trunk show with cocktails. Sperduti prefers the latter, because its success is much more measurable.