Rebekah Campbell, founder and CEO of Posse, an Australia-based social search engine, once pitched her business to a group of 60 angel investors--59 of whom were male. This was at an Australian "gentleman's club," no less, where a porter insisted that she use the elevator rather than the stairs--because she was a woman.

She eventually secured more than $4 million from 50 investors--all male. Campbell cautions that women founders in a sector in which 3 percent of entrepreneurs and fewer than 10 percent of venture capitalists are women should prepare for the reality "that people tend to be somewhat prejudiced against others who are not like them.

If you're in tech and you're not a white male in your 20s or 30s, you're a minority." She also advises tapping into a support group of other founders--but "avoid any man who relates to you as a wife or daughter!"