For 35 years, Inc. has profiled the men and women who have created new businesses and upended old ones. From personal finance to runway fashion, these entrepreneurs have defined and redefined American business with their creativity and tenacity. We thought it would be fun and instructive to commemorate our anniversary with a series of conversations between them. 

In some cases, this meant reuniting old friends, such as Bert Jacobs of Life Is Good and Kip Tindell of the Container Store. In others, it meant introducing people who had tapped into the same movement, such as founder Aaron Patzer and Charles Schwab.

And in every case, it meant a lively, insightful discussion about the thrills and challenges of running your own company. We hope their words educate and inspire you as much as their businesses have.

Below you'll find six conversations between some of the most talented names in media, finance, design, and more: