App stores are crammed with all manner of time-management options. These four take interesting tacks toward maximizing your time--and productivity.


iCukoo Charity Alarm Clock

Take a moral--and financial--stand against sleeping in. Create and edit alarms using the dead-simple design. If you ignore them, iCukoo sends a set amount of money to a charity of your choice. In this way, the app brings new meaning to "you snooze, you lose."



Want to, say, make GIFs on your phone? There's an app for that--once Workflow makes it for you. Workflow programs certain tasks and turns them into buttons for your phone's homescreen, thus transforming many potentially tedious activities into simple, one-touch operations. 



Short for "if this, then that," IFTTT automates smartphone apps using what it calls recipes. For instance, if you want Dropbox to upload Instagram photos, program "If I take an Instagram photo, then Dropbox will add the file." Or use the service to program your phone to text you when it starts raining.



Feeling a little short on downtime? Timeful will send, well, timely notifications reminding the desk-bound to do things like stretch. Its algorithm learns your preferences: Ignore a suggestion to hit the gym at 10 p.m., and next time it will recommend you go earlier.

From the March 2015 issue of Inc. magazine