For most founders, the checklist for office space includes a good location, affordable rent, and plenty of light. But entrepreneur Kevin McCurdy had something else in mind when he set his sights on a small, nondescript space in Palo Alto, California: mojo. Located at 165 University Avenue, it had been dubbed "the lucky office," because it was home to the early days of Google, PayPal, and other wildly successful startups. "It was a magic space," says McCurdy. "We were willing to pay a premium for the karma."

Perhaps the office does have some good juju. When McCurdy's photo-printing site Picaboo was struggling to find engineers in the early days, two from Stanford happened to knock on the door, looking for work. Eight years later, those engineers (and friends they recruited) are still with Picaboo, which has since moved to a larger home to accommodate its more than 80 employees. We've compiled seven addresses that seem to have startup mojo for those willing to pay the price.