Appearing on Shark Tank is one of the best things that can happen to a company, as the data below demonstrates. We've analyzed the show's impact on the 10 companies that got the biggest investments from the Sharks as of March 30. Just making an appearance, whether or not the Sharks invest or the promised investment happens, can give companies a boost. Tom+Chee got just $20,000 after the show, but its revenue is soaring from a pre-Shark Tank $900,000 to a projected $17 million for 2015. But not all contenders excel (ToyGaroo, not listed, got $200,000 and then went bankrupt), because some get big investments before they get their bearings. The lesson? Build a healthy company before asking for cash. As Daymond John told Inc. recently, "I want my money to be used to fuel the car, not make it."