83% of Inc. 500 CEOs said their primary goal is to scale their business, as opposed to sustaining or selling.

"We are aggressively hiring competitors and taking market share," said Dave Brown of CDI Southeast, an IT specialist. That’s one way to do it. More than 79% say their speed to market is five months or less.

93% of Inc. 500 CEOs said managing and leading are two different things.

74% of Inc. 500 CEOs said their companies have an effective leadership pipeline; 60% say they have no formal mentor­ship program.

72% of Inc. 500 CEOs said they actively strive to achieve a good work-life balance.

45% of Inc. 500 CEOs said they have taken two or more weeks of vacation in the past year.

What leadership skills do you lack, and how do you compensate for that?

No. 457: "Communicating consistently. I tend to put my head down on a project and go dark for weeks. I’m trying to delegate more." --James Marks, Whiplash Merchandising 

No. 465: "I seem to be able to spot opportunities, outline a plan, etc. But I need someone to help with the 'last mile' details. I knew this and so went looking for someone who complemented me." --Ron Wille, BlackTab Group

No. 362: "I lack patience as a leader. I am an extremely driven individual and expect those around me to be the same. I work on this constantly by trying to set clear expectations for my team and to explain my impatience clearly." --Andy Latimer, Bluewater Media

No. 391: "I am an excellent visionary, networker, and sales professional, but I am not an excellent manager. I delegate management responsibilities to others." --Betsy Babcock, Handsome Brook Farm

If voting today, whom would you pick for 2016?

Hillary Clinton 25% Chris Christie 2%
Jeb Bush 13% Mike Huckabee 1%
Rand Paul 8% Bernie Sanders 1%
Marco Rubio 7% Ted Cruz 1%
Scott Walker 5% Rick Perry <1%
Ben Carson 3% Martin O'Malley <1%
Carly Fiorina 2%