Here are the top five sectors Inc. 500 CEOs say are ripe for disruption:

Health Care

It’s hard not to see the potential. Americans spent $2.9 trillion on health care in 2013; how many people do you know who are happy with what they get for their portion of that figure? Still, two huge challenges loom: giant, well-funded incumbents, and reams of regulation.

Financial Services, Banking

Payment startups Stripe and Square boast 10-digit valuations. Late last year, Apple announced Apple Pay, and alternative lender Lending Club had a successful IPO. But many sense big opportunities lurking herein (see “Fintech Finally Lifts Off”). As they say, it’s where the money is.


A sector that’s long attracted serious money: In the past decade, VCs plowed billions into the green-tech startups that take on portions of the fossil-fuel ecosystem. Disappointing results led many to pull back on such investments, but Inc. 500 CEOs still sense huge potential.

Media, Cable, Broadcasting

The ongoing digitization of media experiences has led to significant change and challenges for newspapers, radio, and -- yes -- magazines, while television’s fortunes remained relatively stable. But one glimpse at your kids’ smartphone-centric ways lets you know more change is coming.


Bulls point to Tesla; bears point to Fisker Automotive, which went bankrupt in 2013. But deep-pocketed players in Silicon Valley (like Google and Uber) and Detroit are making bets on self-driving cars. Such shakeups of this notoriously staid industry will breed new prospects for founder