Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from a longer interview with Tony Robbins that appears in the October 2016 issue of Inc. magazine. In other excerpts, he talks about work-life balance and knowing when to pivot.

--As told to Inc. magazine​

First, we determine the DNA of each job, which shows us the personality we need for the right team fit, the individual skill set needed so someone won't be learning on our dime, and the psychology of the person we need. We describe that in great detail.

Then we focus on: Can she do the job? Is she the right team fit? Will she do the job long-term well? We ask what her goals are and if she is aligned with the job.

We give our candidates a personality test that, among other things, answers the question: What is the person's nature? Everyone is a mix of, I'll use the shorthand, heart, hands, and head. Heart is your level of empathy. If someone who is completely leading with his heart is in a business meeting and we start talking about firing someone, his first focus is going to be, "Oh, what will that do to this person?" A person who is more hands-driven is more pragmatic. For her, it's like, "How do we get this done?" And she might still have a big heart, but it's really important to her that we don't just go in circles talking about shit. A head person is systemic, so a systemic person wants to go, "Oh, slow everything down." So the pragmatic person makes the systemic person crazy, the systemic person makes the pragmatic person want to kill him, and the heart-driven person is a sweetheart who seems to be off in left field. We all have all three of these qualities, and the test measures where they fall on a scale of zero to 10.

We then give that raw data to the potential employee and say, "Circle everything you disagree with and tell us why." It gives us a jumping-off point, because I don't want to just be sold and I don't wanna sell you on us. I want to have a sustainable relationship.

Next, you get interviewed multiple times in different locations, including your home. We want to see how you live. I want to see what it's like to walk inside your house. I want to get in your car, because that tells me a hell of a lot.