SoftShell Ice Cream Ball by Industrial Revolution

(Inc. 5000 rank: 4,190)

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This gym class-home ec hybrid from YayLabs! makes it acceptable to play with your food. Add cream, sugar, and flavorings to one end and rock salt and ice to the other; then roll the SoftShell Ice Cream Ball to make creamy and delicious ice cream. Available in pint size (above, $34.99) and quart size ($49.99).


Mundo V5 by Yuba Bicycles

 (Inc. 5000 rank: 2,776)

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A bike for adventurers, parents of young kids, or both, Yuba's Mundo V5 ($1,999) has space for plenty of precious cargo. You can install a seat and booster to fit two little ones, and strap several bags to the rear wheel for your stuff. The V5 weighs in at a manageable 44 pounds. A steering-assist system helps stabilize your ride.


Moscow Mule Crate by Man Crates

(Inc. 5000 rank: 51)

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Man Crates adds stylish curation and creative packaging to man-cave basics like meat and booze. It ships a grouping such as the Whiskey Appreciation Crate ($149.99), the Wild Alaskan Jerkygram ($49.99), or the Moscow Mule Crate ($74.99, above) to the recipient's door in a hefty wooden container. Crowbar included.


Charged Up Backpack by Royce Leather

(Inc. 5000 rank: 4,899)

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This handcrafted leather backpack from Royce ($350), for the commuter or world traveler, screams peak geek. Separate interior compartments hold a laptop and a tablet, while two zippered, exterior pockets holster a phone and a wallet. There's an integrated USB charging station that can power two devices simultaneously.