Entrepreneurs don't have to--and probably shouldn't ever--sound like robots. Here are a few buzzwords to ban from your vocabulary.


"At its simplest level, boundless computing aims to bring computing hardware closer to data sources, cutting down on the need for complex layers of overlying software, allowing users to 'unleash the full potential of computing.'" In other words: computing.

Source: ITProPortal

PERVNADO / • noun

"The unstoppable, unpredictable scope of reputational destruction" sweeping the worlds of media, politics, and fine dining. Of course, other businesses are immune to any form of harassment, so, nothing to see here, folks.

Source: Weekly Standard


"A world that revolves around the needs of children far beyond the basics of food and material comfort." Coincidentally, this is also the definition of covfefe.

Source: New Scientist

BYEJINKS / • noun

"Emotionally satisfying, seditious final acts [that] accompany one's last day on the job." I have inserted 23 profoundly libelous statements into this column, in case Inc. cans me.

Source: The Washington Post/Brad Levy