Eric Schurenberg: The only constant in a dynamic economy is change, and change is oxygen to entrepreneurs: It opens up cracks in the competitive landscape, and it's in those cracks that new businesses take root. Everyone who has ever been on the cover of Inc.--not least this month's up-from-Queens icon, Daymond John--got there because he or she saw the possibility in change and built something lasting on its foundation.

In light of that, I suppose I should feel a little less bittersweet than I do about the change underway at Inc. The entrepreneur who owns our company, Joe Mansueto, founder of Morningstar and quite a change agent himself, has asked me to oversee both Inc. and Inc.'s sister, Fast Company, as CEO. You won't notice much difference--the incredibly talented James Ledbetter has been Inc.'s day-to-day editor for years now. But for me, I will miss serving full-time the amazing people who make up Inc.'s audience. You won't see me on this page after this, but believe me, from my new seat I will still be watching you, rooting for your success, and continuing to be, as I have been for years, in awe of what you do.

Actually, there couldn't be a more fitting time to step back from the editor in chief's role than with this issue, which represents Inc.'s first redesign since 2013. The remarkable new look and structure reflect James Ledbetter's vision entirely, so I'll let him take it from here.

James Ledbetter: As Eric notes, this issue of Inc. looks quite different from what you're used to reading. We've reconceived and redesigned the magazine from cover to cover. Our primary goal has been to find new ways to tell stories about various parts of the entrepreneurial journey. In a recurring section we call Prototype, for example, we will profile an early-stage company with a product we see as potentially game-changing. And instead of having tech and financial content as sections that rotate in and out of the magazine, we've committed to both topics in every issue.

Of course, some things haven't changed: Inc. still seeks to inform and inspire those bold enough to launch and run their own businesses. So have a look at our new look--and we'd love to hear what you think.