Entrepreneurs don't have to--and probably shouldn't ever--sound like robots. Here are a few buzzwords to ban from your vocabulary.

Flick / • noun

"I regret to inform you that Facebook has invented a unit of time. One "flick" equals 1/705,600,000th of a second. It has something to do with "std::chrono::duration" and, for those keeping score, "1 TimeRef = 50 flicks." I suggest we stick to measuring our lives with coffee spoons.

Source: Facebook

HODL / • verb

Mistyping hold gave cryptocurrency fanatics an acronym for "hold on for dear life." This ties in with Paul Krugman's "Wile E. Cryptocoyote": When running off a cliff, never look down.

Source: CNBC/Paul Krugman

Permanxiety / • noun

"A near-constant state" of unease travelers feel from "terrorism, security, neo-isolationism, racial tension, Trumpism ... the widening economic gap, culture wars, climate change"--jeez, guys, stay home already.

Source: Skift

Too Big to Tax / • adjective

"Various tax credits and tax breaks" meant Amazon made $5.6 billion in 2017 but paid no federal tax. Unrelated: Jeff Bezos became the first human worth more than $100 billion.

Source: The New Republic