Just because you've heard it, doesn't mean you have to repeat it. Here are some terrible new business buzzwords to banish from your vocabulary.

MilleXZial / • noun

According to Deloitte, "the mobile consumption behaviors of Generation X (ages 35-51) now closely mirror those of Generation Z (ages 14-20) and Millennials (ages 21-34). We are calling this combined group ... the MilleXZials." I really wish they WOuLd'NT.

Source: Deloitte

Le 2-2-1 / • noun

The French term for a family-friendly work-life balance: "Two nights where Mom gets home at 7:30, two others where it's Dad, and one for the nanny." And they invented croissants. What a country!

Source: @laurenzcollins citing L'Obs

Densification / • noun

As in: Qatar Airways has "densified" some 777s by shrinking economy seat widths from 18.5 inches to 17 inches. Soon boarding passes will double as consent forms.

Source: The Independent

Pawternity leave / • noun

According to Petplan, 5 percent of pet owners have been offered paid leave from their jobs to adjust to animal ownership. *Gets dog* ... *Emails editor*

Source: Business Insider