Want people to take you seriously at work? These buzzwords and phrases might be the latest fad--but please, don't use them.

Surveillance capitalism / • noun

"Will the brazen new methods of social engineering and behavior modification threaten individual autonomy and democratic rights? Or will the promise of the digital age be one of individual empowerment and democratization?" In other words: Orwell that ends well?

Source: Publisher's promo for Shoshana Zuboff's The Age of Surveillance Capitalism​

Presidential Twitter strategy / • noun

Ninety percent of the members of the Information Technology Industry Council have a "presidential Twitter strategy" to prepare for a Trump tweet. Without one, what will do you when your CIO is mocked as "CHIEF IDIOT OFFICER" or your CFO is blasted as "POCKET PROTECTOR PAM"?

Source: The New York Times

Vampire apps / • noun

They suck out your personal data. Is this why I smear my iPhone with garlic? Er, yeah.

Source: Daily Mail

Lone wolf travelers / • noun

Corporate travelers "are almost like astronauts sent off into the void having little contact with mission control...armed to the hilt with tech including check-in numbers, q-codes, electronic receipts, and verifiers." Oy! Open the pod bay doors and blast these drones into space.

Source: Buying Business Travel