As a 4-year-old, all Kendall SummerHawk wanted was a horse. When she was 12, her father traded a pit bull puppy to get her one. Now, SummerHawk, who owns a $2 million business-coaching certification firm in Tucson, competes on Andalusian dressage horses from Spain, which cost about $100,000 each. This winter, she'll start showing Bolero, "a once-in-a-lifetime horse," she says. Her horses live 12 feet outside her window. "They inspire me to keep making money, because they're expensive." 

Managing Partner

Horses have taught SummerHawk the importance of having, and being, a willing partner in all aspects of life. "I can't muscle a horse," she says. "It's about lightness and leverage and power." Especially power. "Horses give you instant feedback," she says. "You can't argue with 1,200 pounds of instant feedback."

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