You might hear someone using these phrases at work--but don't take that as your cue to add them to your vocabulary.

Mem-chanical / • adjective

Describes a "crossbred keyboard with both membranes and a spring," which gives your typing experience "the clickiness of mechanical switches with the affordability of rubber [keys]." For those who like Excel with a Hungry Hungry Hippos vibe.
Source: PC Perspective

Next-generation access / • noun

A "Zero Trust" approach to computer network security that deploys "multifactor authentication," "correlation between accesses and users," "machine learning," and "single sign-on" technology. Shorter version: Don't plug in that thumb drive you found on the street. 
Source: Forrester

Twaggle / • noun

A cross between "toggle" and "action," twaggle is "theory and practice, practice and theory, concept and action, thinking and doing, doing and thinking, measuring and learning... all at the same time." I assume they mean "twaddle."
Source: The Marketing Book

Accessomorphosis / • noun

Per a famed designer: "The point at which an accessory can transform into a garment." Coincidentally, also the point at which my smile can transform into a guffaw. 
Source: WWD