Business buzzwords are almost never useful--but these trendy words and phrases are truly unfortunate. 

Instagramification / • noun

"Making sure millennials and Gen Zers have a reason to come into ... stores--with state-of-the-art interior design as a backdrop to artsy Instagram posts." Persuading them to buy is step two.
Source: Axios

Shuangju / • noun

China's binge watching of Story of Yanxi Palace, which netted more than 15 billion views in less than three months. The term derives from shuangwen, which means "binge read," and is therefore practically obsolete.
Source: China Film Insider

Orthosomnia / • noun

"Self-diagnosed sleep disturbances" suffered by sleep-tracker-data obsessives. Wait until heath insurers make you wear a Fitbit to bed.
Source: Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine

Invisible marketing / • noun

"Marketing, without it being perceived as marketing," such as "a blog written with the goal of getting the reader to take action and/or purchase a product." In other words: marketing.
Source: Total Prestige Magazine