Inc. 5000 honorees tell us how they would tackle a common business challenge. This month: How do you plan effective team-building activities?

Michael Kurland

Founder and CEO, Branded Group (construction)

"We do a company-wide survey on a yearly basis, and some employees say they don't want to drink or do happy hours. We've previously organized volunteer activities; last year, we donated 250 hours for Habitat for Humanity. And we just did our first family night--scooters and foosball and sandwiches--and met one another's families. It was a huge hit."

No. 311 2018 Rank | 1,576% Growth | $13.3M Revenue

Josh Melick

Co-founder and CEO, Broadly (software)

"When you do some­thing halfway, it feels forced. Treat social bonding with as much care as your company's business: Put the right person in charge, and set a real budget. You might spend thousands of dollars an hour on employee pay, so a $200 pizza bill isn't that big a deal. To have everyone feeling uncomfortable at a lame event--that's the waste of money."

No. 107 2018 Rank | 3,529% Growth | $4.7M Revenue

Relina DeDios-Shirley

Co-founder and CEO, HideIt Mounts (consumer products and services)

"Team building comes from seeing each other as people. I like gathering around food, so once a month we have a group potluck or we order in as a team. We've done go-karts and softball, too, but I love chatting around the table."

No. 339 2018 Rank | 1,465% Growth | $2.3M Revenue

Heather Blease

Founder and CEO, SaviLinx (business products and services)

"Our team travels a lot, and instead of using hotels we put people in an Airbnb together. We've ended up in all sorts of places: a giant house on a river in Mississippi, a flat in Manhattan. We'll grocery shop together, sit around a bonfire, or watch football games."

No. 617 2018 Rank | 812% Growth | $10.5M Revenue

Ted Baker

Co-founder and CEO, Qalo (consumer products and services)

"We're not going to do cheesy trust falls in the conference room. We build camaraderie by getting active, especially outdoors. We had an Olympics between departments, and everyone competed. Stuff like that really brings out the humanity in people and makes them more confident in their jobs."

No. 151 2018 Rank | 2,792% Growth | $29.4M Revenue

Rankings and data are taken from the 2018 Inc. 5000: Growth is calculated from 2014 to 2017; revenue is from 2017.