Ghosting / • verb

Not what your ex did, but when "a worker stops coming to work without notice and then is impossible to contact." Jobs and dating have officially collided. Next, watch out for "hot bedding," "work-love balance," and "360-degree performance appraisals."
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Fake sponcons / • noun

Wannabe "influencers" hyping themselves with social media posts that falsely imply they contain sponsored content. Which reminds me: Thanks, #Bollinger, #Rolex, and #Bentley!
Source: The Atlantic

Symbol brand / • noun

By dropping its name from its logo of interlocking red and yellow circles, Mastercard aspires to join the elite rank of "symbol brands," which are universally recognized by a shape. Hey, it worked for Christianity.
Source: Mastercard

Generation Alpha / • noun

"The tech-savvy young children of Millennials whose rising influence could soon make Gen-Z an afterthought." This is the moment I've long feared: We've lapped the gibberish "Gen" alphabet and have started again from the top.
Source: Ad Age