Images of sea creatures ensnared by plastic six-pack rings are a common source of environmental anguish. They also provided inspiration for the Mexico City-based startup E6PR. E6PR (which is short for "eco six-pack ring") was founded in 2017 and grew out of a collaboration between New York City ad agency We Believers (founded by Marco Vega and Gustavo Lauria), biodegradable-product specialist Entelequia (founded by Elizabeth Nava García), and a group of seasoned investors to develop a six-pack ring from natural fibers for Florida's SaltWater Brewery. Those natural fibers not only make it compostable, but sea animals can eat it as well without suffering any ill effects. And, unlike plastic six-pack rings, which last for decades, E6PR's naturally disintegrate.

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Everyone's getting on board: Leading Mexican brewer Corona is joining increasing numbers of craft breweries in the U.S., Australia, Poland, Scotland, and South Africa in turning to E6PR. And the Danish brewing giant Carlsberg is using a biodegradable glue to replace its plastic rings. In other words: It's progress worth raising your glass to.