Tantrum congestion / • noun

There was a time when CEOs tried to prepare for a stock-crashing Trump Twitter attack. But now the insults fly so thick and fast that the wise thing to do is ... nothing.
Source: The New York Times

Clickheads / • noun

Advertisers who rely on " 'vanity metrics' such as click-through rates to measure the effectiveness of online media." Because the real metric is: Do you whistle the jingle in the shower?
Source: Internet Advertising Bureau UK

Nepocide / • noun

"The conscious willingness to sacrifice future generations for current convenience." As Churchill sort-of said: Never in the field of human consumption was so much destroyed for so many by so few.
Source: Tony Booth

Share of life / • noun

"The most powerful brands will measure how many minutes of each day they can meaningfully support in their customers' lives." Kill. Me. Now.
Source: Forbes