Technicureans /• noun

Tech-savvy cooks who seek kitchen appliances with built-in recipe, meal delivery, and larder-replenishment apps. As long as my microwave still has a popcorn button, we're good.
Source: Digital Trends

A PLUS /• acronym

Rejoice! A new investing acronym! It encompasses Airbnb, Pinterest, Lyft, Uber, Slack, Stripe, and Square. So, really A PLUSSS--but who caresss?
Source: Forbes

Crypto Winter /• noun

The "bearish run" in crypto that has seen many currencies "suffer an 80 to 90 percent decline from their all-time high." I think the word they really want is gravity.
Source: Cryptopolitan

Millenial Money Mules /• noun

Young people tricked into opening bank accounts "to help launder ill-gotten gains of cybercriminals." Sounds terrible--but do I still get my frequent-flier miles?
Source: CPO Magazine