Is there a better way to show your employees how much you care than [checks notes] sending them to the dentist?

Probably. But consider Henry the Dentist, a New Providence, New Jersey-based mobile dentistry startup that will park in front of your company's building (or, for that matter, wherever you want). There, patients get their teeth scraped and drilled while sitting in massage chairs, wearing noise-canceling headphones, and watching HBO or Netflix. "A lot of this," admits founder Justin Joffe, who started Henry in 2016, "came out of people's natural fear of going to the dentist." Given the chairs and the entertainment options, he's pitching this as a "luxury" experience.

But there could be workaday advantages to Henry-ing: no need to take half a day off to visit a dental professional--hopefully meaning more frequent visits and fewer costly procedures. (Forty percent of Americans say they haven't gone to the dentist in the past year; neglect can lead to more expensive issues down the road.) Each of Henry's eight vehicles has three "rooms" and offers everything from X-rays to whitening to Invisalign. A simple cleaning starts at $95, and most insurance is accepted. Currently, the startup employs eight full-time tooth-yankers--and it raised $10 million this March, which it's using to expand throughout New York, New Jersey, Penn­sylvania, and Georgia. Revenue for 2019 will be in the mid-seven figures, according to Joffe. Presumably, he was smiling when he said it.