Flygskam / • noun

Swedish term meaning "flight shame," intended to stigmatize air travel. What we really need is the Swedish term to stigmatize seat-reclining on short-haul flights.
Source: Mother Nature Network

Quantum winter / • noun

The current phase of quantum computing, when it doesn't "live up to the hype"--and presumably why I still don't have a jetpack.
Source: Business Insider

Slackenfreude / • noun

"The joy in knowing that as a Slack group grows, the likelihood of a new member searching their name and finding they've been slagged in earlier conversations reaches 99.9 percent." *Immediately logs on to Inc. Slack*
Source: The New York Times

Factbomb / • noun

A barrage of factual claims thrown by politicians to overwhelm rational debate. In business lingo: earnings calls!
Source: Full Fact