"It's about knowing when to avoid risk," says Alexandra Fine, CEO of Dame Products. "I'm not good at spinning fire behind my back, so I don't. In business, if I'm not good at something, I'll ask someone more capable to do it." Fine and co-founder Janet Lieberman, an MIT-trained engineer, began manufacturing ergonomic sex toys for women in 2014 after crowdfunding $575,000 in 45 days. They've sold more than 150,000 units to date. 

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Melding Traditions

Poi, which means "ball on a string," was developed by the Māori of New Zealand, perhaps as a training exercise. It has since evolved into a performance art that uses a variety of media--including fire. Fine first practiced poi with LED lights after learning how on YouTube. Later, she learned to spin with fire in Thailand. "Fire spinning is a somatic experience," says Fine, who does it to relieve stress.