Inc. and Fast Company polled more than 600 female founders around the world to hear what they think about the economy, politics, their futures--and what their days are really like. Here are their responses.

The Big Picture

Entrepreneurs are notoriously optimistic. The women in this survey are no exception. But their more pessimistic views about the economy may become important later: Ninety percent said the economy will be either "extremely" or "very" important in deciding their vote in 2020.

The Founders at Home (and on Display)

American women spend about 60 percent more time on housework and child care than men. Those building companies are not exempt: Compare our female founders' responses about child care (below) with what Inc. found surveying this year's Inc. 5000 CEOs (85 percent of those respondents were male). And female founders reported their appearance is judged far more harshly than their male counterparts'. But at least one veteran female CEO has found her silver lining in a looks-crazed culture: "One of the many benefits of being older is that there's a lot less pressure on you to be 'hot.' "

The Body Politic

Presidential leanings from the female respondents skewed much more Democratic than those of the Inc. 5000 CEOs Inc. surveyed. Asked for their preferred presidential candidates, women ranked Donald Trump 10th, only slightly ahead of Democratic candidate/New Age-y writer Marianne Williamson. There was also a very wide chasm between the two surveys' respondents when it came to their priorities as they mull their vote in 2020.

The Price That's Paid

For all the attention given to Founding While Female, gender discrimination and sexual harassment are still significant problems. But respondents from other countries reported less discrimination and harassment than their American counterparts.

From the October 2019 issue of Inc. Magazine