Brand taste / • noun

Mastercard wants to define the "taste of Priceless" with macarons: red (custard apple) for passion, and yellow (yuzu) for optimism. Which flavor defines 24.74 percent variable APR?
Source: Marketing Week

Fulfillionaire / • noun

Someone who achieves "an experience of personal fulfillment, emotional well-being, and material success." Which is much easier when you're an actual millionaire.
Source: Forbes

Digital dexterity / • noun

"The ability and desire to exploit existing and emerging technologies for better business outcomes." I'm currently using my newfound digital dexterity to make a hand gesture. Can you guess what it is?
Source: Gartner

New-collar • adjective

Used to describe digital-era jobs in cloud, security, or data for which a four-year degree is not needed. Since when do robots wear collars?
Source: IBM/CloudPro