In 2010, Justin Anthony co-founded Artwork Archive--an online platform where artists, collectors, and organizations can manage their collections. The company's Denver location allows Anthony to pursue his hobby--gold panning. "Panning gives me space from the day-to-day," says Anthony. "Something I might have initially had a negative reaction to might turn out to be a great idea. It takes me time on the water to be able to swallow that." Artwork Archive's enterprise subscription costs $96 a month for unlimited storage. With clients like Neiman Marcus and Brown University, the river isn't the only place Anthony finds gold. 

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Flash in the Pan

For prospective prospectors, a small hand shovel and a pan are all that's necessary. But Anthony, shown here working the South Platte River near downtown Denver, has everything from water-filtering sluices to classifiers, which separate small rocks from big ones. Over the past five years, he's collected about an ounce of gold--worth about $1,500.