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Return on life / • noun

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The novel idea that the value of wealth lies in the rich life we can create with it, and not in the status that comes with exorbitant displays of it. In other words: Do you really need that third mansion, or are the first two enough?
Source: Mitch Anthony

Meetnapping / • noun

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"The tendency to kidnap a colleague by forcing him to attend a useless meeting." Wait, there are useful meetings?
Source: NCIA

Sludge / • noun

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The 9.78 billion hours of federal paperwork burdens that Americans wade through each year. It's fitting that the academic paper defining sludge is 16,000 words long.
Source: Cass R. Sunstein

Emotion recognition / • noun

Technology to "identify criminal suspects by analysing their mental state." Like RoboCop, but with feelings.
Source: Financial Times