Chris Dingman hadn't planned to create an industry relocating professional athletes. He was just the first person to recognize a unique problem they all seemed to share -- and he was willing to go all-in on solving it. 

In 2006, Dingman was chewing on an escape plan from Taco Bell corporate when he found himself at a USC football game seated near the wife of then-coach Pete Carroll. She was talking with other coaches' wives about the strain of relocating, and said she'd moved 30 times.

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Chris Dingman
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Wait -- was she joking? And was there no company to help pros and their families with the headaches of uprooting their lives so often? Nope. When Dingman got laid off soon thereafter, he drained his 401(k) and the next year founded the Dingman Group, a one-stop relocation shop for players and coaches in the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, MLB, and MLS. A player is signed, a coach is replaced, or some other transaction occurs virtually every day. "Most likely," says Dingman, "it involves a relocation."

After a decade of return clients and word-of-mouth growth, Dingman scored his first NFL franchise, moving the Chargers from San Diego to Los Angeles in 2017. The Denver-based company posted $5.6 million in revenue in 2020, and keeps adding services -- and now it even handles game-day logistics for visiting teams.