December 1, 2004

How do celebrities manage their money? Find out in “Top 10 Celebrity Entrepreneurs.? In addition, learn how to communicate better with your lawyer and why some firms prefer perks to bonuses.

Plus: Five Trends for 2005; the cost of temporary workers; confessions of a real-life micromanager; Inc.’s Christmas gift guide; how to get the most out of the annual end-of-the-year bookkeeping scramble; and more...


November 1, 2004

Are you paying yourself enough? Find out in Inc.'s November issue. Also discover a new program that turns immigrants into entrepreneurs, and the challenge of running a socially responsible company.

Plus: Business owners called to duty; opening an office in Baghdad; cold-calling tips; shutting down the company rumor mill; Norm Brodsky on drug testing; and more...


October 15, 2004

Explore this year's Inc. 500: InPhonic tops our list of the fastest growing companies; Inc. 500 companies that don't want to grow; and the definition of success.

Plus: Facts and statistics on Inc. 500 CEOs; Examining companies that started during the boom of 1999; the Inc. 500 methodology; and more...


October 1, 2004

Inc.'s ultimate how-to guide provides the best advice on everything from hiring and firing to talking to an investment bank and conducting due diligence. Also, find out how "antipreneur" Kalle Lasn intends to leave his mark on the global sneaker industry, and the reasons why so many entrepreneurs have trouble delegating.

Plus: VCs new focus on EBITDA; product placement tips; employee sabbaticals; seed capital for farm communities; travel tech gear; and more...


September 1, 2004

Inc. magazine's September cover story explores today's unusually favorable real estate market and showcases entrepreneurs who use real estate as a competitive advantage. Also, discover why rocker Ani DeFranco doesn't want to be called an entrepreneur and how an old-fashioned community bank is making Citibank jealous.

Plus: labors new target; mining for customer data; Zippo's comeback; raising happy, healthy entrepreneurial children; getting the most from interns, and more...


August 1, 2004

Inc.'s August issue helps you figure out what your company's worth with The Ultimate Valuation Guide; the story of Cobalt Boats shows you why there's no boat like a boat built by farmers; and Gloria Pink tells why people will wait in line for an hour for hot dog.

Plus: the danger of superstar employees; dropping individual sales commissions; companies where work's a beach; and more...


July 1, 2004

In July, Inc. talks shop with rock star and entrepreneur Jon Bon Jovi; we detail family-owned Yuengling's rise to the fifth-largest brewery in America; and Geraldine Laybourne of the Oxygen Channel talks about how she figured out what women want.

Plus: naming your company; the IPO comeback; foreign venture capital; listening to employee complaints; and more...


June 1, 2004

For June, Inc. shows you how to sell with tips on building and motivating your sales force, as well as tips from 10 top salespeople; Pollster John Zogby tells you how to get to know your customer; and writer Alan Deutschman finds a Microsoft ready to do business with small firms.

Plus: an examination of the handshake deal; a four-generation family of entrepreneurs; on-site daycare; bartering; going back to school; and more...


May 1, 2004

Inc.'s May issue offers lessons on making meetings more enjoyable; The Inner City 100 takes a look at entrepreneurs tackling the concrete jungle and what you should know before setting up shop there; and how Michael Powell built the better used bookstore.

Plus: designing to succeed; your first real office; Marine management; leading the Tony Soprano way; and more...


April 1, 2004

April is Inc.'s 25th Anniversary Issue. In it, we take you face-to-face with 25 of the entrepreneurs that we love, including Jeff Bezos, Betsey Johnson and Russell Simmons; and a report on the state of the entrepreneurial union.

Plus: a scam on your phone bill; employee excuses; weighing outsourcing for your company; and more...


March 1, 2004

In this month's issue, Inc. gives you the 25 Top Businesses for Your Company; Whiz kid Marcelo Claure shows you how to close the deal; and PR superstar Howard Rubenstein takes you through how he did it.

Plus: pending patent reform; learning from Paris Hilton; revising your business plan; and more...


February 1, 2004

Inc.'s February issue features Ted Turner and his return to his entrepreneurial roots; The secrets of the well-balanced life are revealed in the profiles of three entrepreneurs; and PaeTec Communications shows us how happy employees lead to big-time growth.

Plus: office romance; exercising your pricing power; hiring your first employee and more...


January 1, 2004

In January's issue, Inc. names Janie and Victor Tsao as Entrepreneurs of the Year for building a business Cisco couldn't resist; The CEO of Burt's Bees personal-care products maps her remarkable journey; and entrepreneurs offer their suggestions, compliments and grievances to President Bush.

Plus: being a boss vs. being a buddy; a one-cup-at-a-time coffee system; financing with credit cards and more...