What's Online: April 2009

Who had a greater impact on American business: Henry Ford or the Google guys? The founders of pioneering software companies, airlines, or retailers? Inc. wants you to vote online for the 30 greatest American entrepreneurs of all time. The final list will be published in our December issue.
The past 30 years have seen plenty of remarkable twists and turns. To celebrate Inc.'s 30th anniversary, we have put together an interactive timeline of the key events in the world of business from 1979 to 2009. Which highflying company created a committee in 1990 to promote fun? Which company did the film director Ridley Scott help popularize in 1984? And what exactly was the doughboy afraid of? (Hint: Look above, then go online to learn more.)
Over the years, Inc. has profiled hundreds of the world's most fascinating entrepreneurs. And now, we have assembled our favorites on Inc.com. Read about some big names that we met long before they were famous -- such as Steve Jobs and Phil Knight -- as well as some great lesser knowns. There are Laura and Pete Wakeman, the founders of Great Harvest Bread Co., who built what sounds like an oxymoron: the self-managing franchise. And then there's Kenny Kramm. The father of an ill child, he invented a product that helped her therapeutically -- and along the way, he discovered that entrepreneurship gave his family the financial means and independence to care for her. It's a classic.

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