December 2008's 30 Under 30 Storm the Big Apple

Leanna Archer, the 13-year-old hair care mogul who ranked No. 12 on our 30 Under 30 list, rang the opening bell at Nasdaq in New York City recently, accompanied by members of the staff. Read more about the bell-ringing, and scroll through photos of some of America's coolest young entrepreneurs, who gathered at a Midtown hot spot as part of our annual celebration.

Economic Crisis: Small Businesses and the Economy

We may be facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. How are the nation's small businesses coping? As part of our special report, entrepreneurs sound off on the challenges they are facing -- and how they intend to weather the storm.
Slide Show Five ways to find funds in a bad economy
Slide Show How to clean up your credit
Cutting Costs How six companies cut spending -- without laying off staff
Inc. TV Amy Tara Koch, host of our new series, The Inc. Life, discusses the best travel accessories.

Best of the Blogs

"Take 10 minutes right now and ask yourself, 'What one thing should I do tomorrow that will have the biggest positive impact on my business?' And then don't stop until it's done." -- Keith McFarland, The Breakthrough Company
"Companies such as Burt's Bees, Stonyfield Farm,, and Famous Amos Cookies have become successful -- and landed on Oprah's set -- by not only providing unique products or services but offering distinctive customer experiences." -- Michele Miller, Marketing Blog

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