Before you sit down to evaluate the performance of your key employees, read our guides on how to plan for annual reviews, how to handle raises and promotions, and how to take the sting out of critical evaluations.

Check out's library of tools and forms to help you run a business. The list includes financial-ratio work sheets, sample purchase orders, a hiring checklist, and a survey to give new employees after 60 days on the job. Registration is required.

On her blog, Nancy Mobley, CEO of Insight Performance, a Boston-area human resources outsourcing and consulting company, offers a series of tips on how to prepare for the flu season, which may be a harsh one. Among them: "Develop a temporary succession plan for essential employees and the management team so others can assume their roles as needed. Ensure that these backups have access to the information, tools, and resources to keep the business running."

Food trucks are hot right now. In an Inc. TV video, three New York City entrepreneurs discuss the hidden costs, the branding benefits, and the parking headaches of running restaurants on wheels. (For a look at how one food truck uses Twitter for marketing, see "5 Ways to Actually Make Money on Twitter".)

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