What's Online: July/August 2009

Calling all business-savvy kids, ages 5 to 12: Summer's here, and that means Inc.com's annual Best Lemonade Stand in America contest is in full swing. To read the official contest rules, submit an entry, and browse profiles of our featured lemonade stand of the week, go to
By Brad Wilson, founder and CEO of BradsDeals.com
Looking for accounting software? Wilson suggests you check out the free consumer site Mint.com: "The site's budgeting, bill reminders, and e-mail alerts are as handy for small businesses as they are for consumers...and the automation is a huge time-saver," he writes.
Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics Her instincts as a leader were in retrospect progressive. She was, for example, an early proponent of work-life balance who encouraged sales reps to take control of their lives. "They are presidents, literally, of their own little companies, and they can make them as big as they want," she told Inc. in 1985. To read more profiles of leaders and to vote for your favorite, go to www.inc.com/30years/php/vote.php.
Entrepreneurs tend to demand as much of themselves as they demand of their employees. So when we asked a group of CEOs which managerial skill they would most like to improve, we knew we would get some interesting answers. Here, six CEOs, including Twitter's Evan Williams and Enterprise Rent-A-Car's Andy Taylor, identify the skill they would like to strengthen.

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