Inc. Online Exclusives June 2007

June 2007

All Work and No Play Makes You…
…a very dull entrepreneur. If you're working 100 hours a week and haven't seen sunlight in a couple of months, listen up as business owners share their tips on staying fit, carving out more time for the kids, and achieving (or at least working toward) that coveted work-life balance. Plus, a slide show featuring tips on finding inner peace while running a successful company.
Breakup Blues
To learn more about how to protect your business in case of divorce, tune in to a podcast with Inc. associate editor Hannah Clark here. Check out an archived Inc. article on common business practices, such as co-signing debt, that can backfire when you divorce.
Voice Mail 2.0
These aren't the only new voice mail tools available for small businesses. For other voice mail 2.0 services, and more information about those featured in this story, tune in to a podcast with Inc. reporter Ryan McCarthy here.
Bulk Up, Reach Out
To read Inc.'s comprehensive guide to hiring by senior writer Stephanie Clifford, click here.
Pick Me!
Before you order a bouquet online, read our guide to the best florists on the Web here.
What's Wrong With This Picture? Nothing!
Leigh Buchanan, at your service. To read about her experience at Commonwealth Worldwide's chauffeur school, click here.