June 2008

Boss School
You wake up one day and you're the boss. But no one ever prepares you for questions like these.
On his Inc.com blog, Jay Goltz, founder of the Goltz Group, explores the unexpected problems he deals with every day as a CEO. Read his thoughts and share your own.
Why do we pay so much severance?
Is waiting for the repairman a sick day?
Do bosses have to set an example by coming in early and leaving late?
If you're asking employees to double up on the road, how do you decide who sleeps with whom?
When do you stop paying a disabled employee?
I routinely lend money to my employees. Am I crazy?
Special Report: Fighting Fakes
From handbags to watches to DVDs, counterfeit merchandise is more prevalent than ever. Find out which of the lighters above is made by Zippo and which is a fake -- and learn how the companies behind some of today's top brands are fighting back.
Slideshow: Is that really a Louis Vuitton?
Slideshow: A tour through the counterfeit economy
Interactive Quiz: Can you spot a fake? Take our quiz and find out.
The Kiva Connection: Our Adventure in Microlending
Through Kiva.org, the employees of Inc.com and its parent company are supporting entrepreneurs in Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania, Cambodia, and Tajikistan.
On phal an's business model: "Her rice wine sales cover only>the cost of the wine production. Her family income is generated as a result of using a byproduct of the wine as pig feed."
Tamara Schweitzer, Inc. staff blog.
War Stories
Five years after the start of the Iraq war, entrepreneurs reflect on how it has changed their lives.

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Best of the Blogs

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but let's follow Europe's lead and make it painful for Microsoft to continue its uncompetitive practices."
Keith McFarland on Windows Vista


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